IKEM Prague – Buildings G1, G2

IKEM Prague – Buildings G1, G2

Vídeňská 1958/9, Praha 4 Krč

Competition proposal for the extension of existing hospital complex of Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague awarded third prize in the open architecture competition.

ikem_g1_g2_vizu_01_res_1193 ikem_g1_g2_vizu_02_res_1193 ikem_g1_g2_vizu_03_res_1193 panel_b1_05_100dpi_res_1193 panel_b1_06_100dpi_res_1193 panel_b1_07_100dpi_res_1193 panel_b1_01_100dpi_res_1193 panel_b1_02_100dpi_res_1193 panel_b1_03_100dpi_res_1193 panel_b1_04_100dpi_res_1193

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